Our Story

Our story began in 2002 when Michael Stark, owner of Simcoe Huronia Home Services (SHHS) mother moved into Simcoe County. Always independent and self sufficient, Michael’s mother, like many others, didn’t want to intrude on the time of her family or interfere with the busy lives of family and friends, so she began to look for home help services that cater to seniors at a fair price. Michael’s mother soon realized that the area offered limited quality and affordable services and options for seniors to help them stay in their home and maintain an independent lifestyle.

Michael started helping his mother with odd jobs and chores she needed done around her house. After a little while, she started telling her friends how helpful he was and what a great job he did. Word of mouth about Michael’s work ethic, compassionate nature, reliable services and affordable prices traveled quickly. His mother’s friends and neighbours all started asking for Michael to help them. Eventually, even people who didn’t know Michael or his mother started calling. In the interest of helping seniors, SHHS was born. The new business was registered on November 4, 2002 in honour and recognition of Michael’s mother’s birthday. Word of mouth continued to travel fast and has led SHHS to expand its services beyond seniors, or to anyone who is unable to tend to their homes and would like a helping hand.

In 2015, Michael was receiving phone calls regarding assistance in our services for in-home, yard maintenance and snow removal services from local commuters who just did not have the time to care for their property. Between traveling to work, caring for their children and busy lifestyle, Michael realized the need for quality home services is growing in the community. Therefore, Michael decided to provide services to anyone who needs our help, yet still specializing in helping seniors, disabled and veterans to live an independent lifestyle.

Throughout the years, Michael has received outstanding testimonials from his clients indicating how Michael and his staff have gone above and beyond with the services that they’ve provided. It really is incredible to read how SHHS has affected so many people in maintaining a dignified lifestyle in their home.

In January 2015, Michael received his Certification as a Consultant on Aging. This is a recognized certification throughout North America. This certification will help those who don’t know where to turn to for help, from Financial, Residence Living, Government Programs, Health Programs, Wills and Estate Planning, Palliative Care, Local Activities, Senior Abuse and so much more about aging.